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Smarty, bootstrap 3, microdata, css preprocessor…
Many new features for more performance.

Powered by the template engines Smarty or Twig, the front-office has been integrated with the unavoidable Bootstrap 3. Beyond its responsiveness, it is fully integrated in html 5 and microdata are used to give more semantic meaning to content and data. Finally, to make integration and maintenance easier, a css preprocessor is used to generate the sylesheet with less or sass.
Front office demo


As for the front-office, the back-office has been thought in order to be more ergonomic and functional.

Not only responsive (integrated with the bootstrap 3 and in full HTML 5), Thelia back office is also fully customizable through Smarty and Thelia loops.

Back office demo *
* username / password : thelia2 / thelia2


Rest API

Customers segmentation



Brands management

Management of abandoned carts

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Download Thelia 2.3.5

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Download Thelia 2.3.5

You can also download Thelia via Composer :

$ curl -sS | php

$ php composer.phar create-project thelia/thelia-project path/ 2.3.5

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